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Age: 36


Medical Condition: Sacroiliitis (inflammation of one or both sacroiliac joints ─ where the lower spine and pelvis connect) and knee pain


Kimberly’s Story:


In 2003, Kimberly slipped on a patch of ice and twisted her back to prevent a fall. In doing so, she injured the sacroiliac joints in her lower back, resulting on ongoing chronic pain.


”I saw three or four doctors before discovering Dr. Herman who successfully diagnosed and lessened my chronic pain. Thank goodness for him or I might still be living with that pain every day,” says Kimberly.


The second grade teacher said one of the things she likes about Dr. Herman is his willingness to discuss her concerns about her treatment plan. “It was also important that he didn’t just hand me a pain medication prescription and send me out the door.”


Dr. Herman prescribed Kimberly with a traditional and holistic treatment plan that included gentle stretching exercises, a change in her diet and an anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling and return her joints to their original condition.


“I recently hurt my knee after a fall and the first thing I did was go see Dr. Herman. He’s passionate about reliving pain and staying as healthy. He’s very up-to-date on all the medical and holistic treatments that can make you well and keep you that way.”


(June 2014)